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1st Oil/Acrylic

Scituate Skiffs



Stephen Boczanowski


Price:  $






Judge Comments:

Breaking from most safe conventions of Design, this Painting shoves off at once, scattering the viewers eye this way and that. It offers no respite for the Compositional Wary. The result is a dalliance toward abstraction in the same wind that Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park Series set sail into. A rare aspect of this painting is that we simply do not know where to go. This way and that. Stage left or right? Perhaps into the green murk that is the water top-left? The design is peppered with diagonals. It is handsomely orchestrated with marriages of color, albeit from only two large families. The always reliable and vibration manifesting Blue versus Orange is here. In this juror's opinion, the longevity of a painting is greatly enhanced with ambiguity and question marks. It also helps that the painting is well drawn. These vessels exist on a believable plane. Those outboards should hopefully fire right up. And that bottom edge horizontal is holding it all up for us to enjoy.
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