For 52 years, the Pembroke Arts Festival has been recognizing the talent and dedication of local artists

Pembroke Arts Festival Awards and Recognitions


The Pembroke Arts Festival recognizes area artists who have achieved high technical, creative, and innovative levels of their craft.  Awards are divided into two types: named awards are given in recognition of a specific theme or element, while media-specific awards are given to exceptional pieces within a specific media.

Jurors are professional artists who look at technical ability, craftsmanship, originality, creativity and artistic vision.

All of the awards given by the Pembroke Arts Festival are sponsored by individuals, families, or local businesses.  Sponsoring an award in someone's name can be a wonderful and unique gift.  If you are interested in sponsoring an award, please contact Christine Sullivan.

2017 Winners - Memorial Awards 

(See 'Artists' page for all 2017 Juried Awards)

Chosen by the Pembroke Arts Festival jurors

Kevin Erickson Memorial Award

for Community Spirit
$100 award: Sponsored by Friends of

Pembroke Arts Festival


Becky Haletky ~ "4th of July P-town"

Brooks Kelly Memorial Award

for Creativity 
$100 award: Sponsored by Anne Kelly

Kathleen Nolan ~ “(Forest Folk) Autumn Elder”

Veterans' Memorial Award 
$100 award: Sponsored by American Legion – Arthur Briggs Church Post 143

Cindy Esposito ~ “D-Day Hedgehogs”

Les Damon Memorial Award of Excellence
$100 award: Sponsored by Sandra Damon

Amanda Rebelo ~ “I wish”

James"Tiny"Brown Memorial Award

for Innovation in Art
$100 award , sponsored by Tiny & Sons Auto Glass

Pam Golden ~ "Eostre"


Kate DeSantis Memorial Award

for Nature
$100 award: Sponsored by The DeSantis family

Joy O’ Keeffe ~ “Drifting”

Dave Litchfield Memorial Award

for Design 
$100 award: Sponsored by Friends of Pembroke Arts


Ronald Wilson ~ "The Strand County Sligo, Ireland"

Gerard W. Dempsey Sr. Memorial Award

of Excellence
$100 award: Sponsored by Gerard W. Dempsey Ins. LLC

Kathy Ferrara ~ "Lost and Found"

$50 award, sponsored by Robert Demarzo


Christine Lockhead


2016 Winners - Popular Prizes

As chosen by members of the public in a secret ballot

Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media
$50 award, sponsored by David C DiBenedetto, DMD

Jessie Fries

"Owlets, Baby Owls

Black and White Photography


First Prize
$150 award, sponsored by 
Panopticon Imaging


Kathi Cummings

“Light as a Feather”


Second Prize

$100 award, sponsored by firefly53 studios


Ed Esposito

“Running Man on the Wall”


Third Prize

$50 award, sponsored by Susan White Photography

Alexandra Jordankova


Pembroke Photographer Prize 
$100 award, sponsored by The Great Frame Up


Jeanette Williams

“The Impending Storm”

2016 Winners - Awards by Medium

Chosen by the Pembroke Arts Festival judges



First Prize
$150 award, sponsored by Frame Center


Mary Tennaro
“Easy Rider”


Second Prize

$100 award, sponsored by Christine Sullivan, Jack Conway & Co. Realtor


Maura Glynn
“Ignis Fatuus”


Third Prize

$50 award, sponsored by Image Resolutions

Jeanne MacFarland
“Skiff at Low Tide”



First Prize
$150 award, sponsored by 
Friends of Pembroke School of Performing Arts


Jessie Fries

“Trapped Inside”


Second Prize

$100 award, sponsored by Joy O’Keeffe DMD


Mary Tennaro

“Belfast Birches”


Third Prize

$50 award, sponsored by Verc Enterprises

Mary Felton“Honeymoon”



First Prize
$150 award, sponsored by 
Erickson Enterprises


Stephen H. Holland

“Blue Boat at Saquish”


Second Prize

$100 award, sponsored by Protectowire, Inc.


Betty Rogers


Third Prize

$50 award, sponsored by Pembroke Center Liquors


Becky Haletky

“Boone & Wright Mercantile”

Other Media

Includes sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, fiber


First Prize
$150 award, sponsored by 
Tiny & Sons Glass


Becky Haletky

“Somewhere in Brooklyn”


Second Prize

$100 award, sponsored by Claire & John Reznik


Marie Peters

“Shadow Tree”


Third Prize

$50 award, sponsored by Verc Enterprises


Mark McCabe

“Night at the Museum”

Color Photography


First Prize
$150 award, sponsored by 
Energy Matters Holistic Massage


Irwin Nesoff

“Oslo Opera House”


Second Prize

$100 award, sponsored by Panopticon Imaging


Stan Pendrak

“Solitary Rose”


Third Prize

$50 award, sponsored by Panopticon Imaging

Laura Cardello

“Under the Pier”

2016 Honorable Mentions

Chosen by the Pembroke Arts Festival judges

Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media


Olga Allen

”Guarding the Nets”


Dana Barunas 

“Cat in Niche-Priceless!”


Marion Carlson

“Mind Chatter”


Alice Crowell

“Seaside Pile-up”


Douglas Gray

“The Blush”


Paul Hitchen



Jory Mason

“Forest Mystery”


Bruce Nickerson

“Gail’s Paradise”


Linda Osborne



Linda Osborne

“Winter Starkness”


Dorothy Peterson

“2 Pears on a Beach”




Susan White
“Rainy night in Times Square”
Color Photo

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