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The Pembroke Arts Festival is run entirely by volunteer community members who enjoy celebrating the arts in Pembroke.

Will you join us?

Contact the Committee 

To contact the Pembroke Arts Festival, please either use the contact form at right, contact the appropriate volunteer above, or send mail to:

The Pembroke Arts Festival

P.O. Box 1453

Pembroke, MA 02359

Success! Message received.

Arts Festival Committee 


Christine Sullivan -  Chair/Jurors/Website/Sponsors

Mike Kelble -  Co-Chair/Entertainment Coordinator

Erin O'Donnell - Treasurer/Scholarships

Susan White - - Facebook Page/Opening Reception Hostess/Photos 

Donna Frano -  Scholarship Coordinator/Taxes

Mark O'Connell - Website Development

Penny Winn - Young Artists/Volunteers/Kids Crafts

Mary Gilmartin - Young Artists

Grace Monti - - Jurying Assistant

Jim McCollum - Festival Consultant/Set-up

Kathleen Kelble - - Stage Set-up/Sound

Andrea Clifford - - Crafters

Karen Gooderum - Secretary/Raffles

John Landy - Programs

Becky Haletky - Exhibit Logistics/Ribbons 

Peter Brown - Entertainment Consultant

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