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2024 Pembroke Arts Festival Jurors

Jeneane Lunn

          After teaching painting and drawing for 30 years in Vermont, Jeneane Lunn has been living, teaching and exhibiting in Rhode Island the last three years.


          She works in oils, pastels, gouache and acrylic.

She is mostly a landscape painter in the impressionist tradition and prefers to paint and teach outdoors.


          Lunn studied at the Goetz School of Art in Oklahoma City, Art Students League of New York in New York City and with Henry Hensche at The Cape School of Art in Providence. Her work has won numerous awards in New York and Vermont, and, most recently second prize at the Wickford Art Assoc. in Rhode Island.


          She loves teaching and learning from her students. You can find many of her pastel, oil and acrylic demonstrations on her YouTube Channel:  #jeneanelunn or read her book: Exploring Landscape In Pastel: A Painter’s Diary available as an Ebook on Kindle. Her website is

White Peonies JLunn.jpeg
Boatyard Jlunn.jpeg
Fall Iris JLunn.jpeg

Crista Dix

           Crista Dix has spent the last two decades as part of and surrounded by the creative community of photography, serving currently as the executive director of the Griffin Museum of Photography.


          With a passion for visual storytelling, Dix has dedicated her career to promoting and curating photography and lens based art.  Her previous gallery, wall space creative, first opened in Seattle in 2005 and moved to Santa Barbara in 2010, showcasing emerging and established photographers, fostering dialogue and appreciation for the medium.

          As the executive director of the Griffin Museum of Photography, located in Winchester, Massachusetts, Dix continues to elevate photographic narratives, offering a platform for diverse voices and perspectives. With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to fostering community engagement, Dix's leadership continues to shape the landscape of contemporary photography, inspiring established artists and enthusiasts alike.

          Ms. Dix has written essays about photography, introducing creative artists’ works to a broader community. She has been a member of numerous panels and discussions on the craft of photography, juried creative competitions and participated in major portfolio reviews across the country.

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