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Marie Peters


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Judge Comments:

A Manifestation in the most accurate sense, Peter's complicated assemblage has that rare yet lovely ability to pull a viewer in from the other side of a large room. As it did with me. But with rigid honestly I knew not how to decode it. (and still don't) The anthropomorphic temptation being strong, I am concerned just as much with its distracting textures and techniques. These pieces were all placed with a commanding specificity. Is this a homage to graphic design's past relations with collage? There are problems here to solve. Somewhat sinister but offered an olive branch by way of the title, my brain goes many places with this composition. With nuggets of easily applied organic reference, it is easy to see branches and stems. Or eyes. Or cavities. There is a quite natural tendency to see a portrait. Whether correct or incorrectly. How closely should one investigate the wording within the pulverized paper pulp? I say not too closely. I consciously avoid any written narrative and embrace the power of personal association. Which is why I appreciate the piece for what it was to me.
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